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League Of Legends
League Of Legends
League Of Legends
League Of Legends
League Of Legends

League Of Legends

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League of Legends is a MOBA (massively online battle arena) game that was inspired by Dota, itself a MOBA with a huge following.

About the Game

The game is simple, especially for fans of the genre. Two teams of five champions battle it out in PvP (player versus player), each defending their own half of the map. Each player controls a champion with unique weapons and abilities. There are a staggering 156 heroes to choose from, and your chosen hero can upgrade through earning XP (experience points), getting better weapons, more power and winning other benefits.

Each team has a stronghold called a Nexus. Much of the gameplay involves each team trying to access the opposing Nexus, with tactical thinking needed from the first move to the last. This is especially true of ‘Summoner’s Rift’, the main game mode. See more details about the game modes below. The look of the game is rather like an online board game in some lights.

A good, carefully reasoned, spread of players is the best way to play in most game modes, and a session of gameplay can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

The Nitty Gritty

The wonderfully designed game has brilliant graphics and a fantastic soundtrack, with each level picking out elements from several different horror-fantasy genres, from the be-tentacled horror of Lovecraft to more old-school barbarian-style sword and sorcery scenery.

There are some members of the LOL (League of Legends, not laugh out loud in this case!) community who can be a bit mean, especially towards newcomers to the game, but if you muscle through their ranks you will soon team up with the good guys – and there are infinitely more of those!

Ways to Play

There are four different ways to play.

  • Summoner’s Rift: (main game mode) Play 5v5 in teams trying to attack the others’ Nexus. You’ll fight through the jungle, where monsters spawn regularly (giving gold and upgrades when killed, but otherwise just being a nuisance to you) along three lanes, and a river where an even more powerful monster lives. The river is the division between yours and theirs, so beating this monster means you are on the other teams’ territory now
  • ARAM: (All Random All Mid) this mode is a five vs five game like ‘Summoner’s Rift’, but it has only one lane, no jungle, and your champions are randomly selected for you
  • Teamfight Tactics: you place your heroes before battle commences, and then you sit back and watch while they automatically battle from there with no further input from you
  • Nexus Blitz: fun if you only have a short time to play. In this mode, you duke it out on a small battleground, playing a series of minigames
League of Legends is absorbing MOBA play for fans of the genre.