Assassin’s Creed Mirage
Assassin’s Creed Mirage
Assassin’s Creed Mirage
Assassin’s Creed Mirage
Assassin’s Creed Mirage
Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

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Assassin’s Creed Mirage for PC is and action adventure video game, the thirteenth major release in the series and the successor to AC Valhalla. Mirage is principally set in 9th-century Baghdad and features Basim Ibn Ishaq. Historically, this was during the anarchy at Samarra – an unstable period, marred by constantly changing leadership. In the game, Basim – first seen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – goes from street thief to fully fledged Assassin.

About the Game

Basim will become a member of the Assassin Brotherhood who were rebelling against the Templar Order who were bent on creating a forced peace on their terms and under their control. The time frame begins in 861AD, some 330 years before the medieval first Assassin’s Creed game. This prequel is something of an homage to the first game, and fans will recognise similarities in the settings of the game.
There is an enormous emphasis on parkour, assassinations and stealth in the game, and ancient Baghdad, with its dense assortment of large and tall buildings, proves a perfect environment for parkouring around like an acrobat. As always, jumping across rooftops or climbing up the side of buildings is effortless. And there are always multiple options to achieve your goal, so you can go all out, brazenly, or stealth your way to your target.

Basim has some new equipment that helps him with both combat and escaping from tight corners, such as a detection mine, which can release a cloud of covering smoke when triggered, and a blow-dart for silent but accurate kills. Basim’s journey begins when he comes under the protection of Roshan who will teach him all he needs to know about becoming a Hidden One (member of the Brotherhood).
The game will teach you a lot about Baghdad’s rich and storied history, with new articles and information unlocked the more you progress. This information was pulled together by experts in the field: with photos from the Khalili Collections, the David Collection, the Shangri La Museum of Island Art, Culture and Design, and the Institut du Monde Arabe (The Arabic World Institute), thanks to grants from various cultural bodies and governments.

Mirage puts a greater emphasis on social stealth and parkour abilities than previous iterations of the game, as Basim is not a trained operative like other protagonists. Therefore, stealth and tactics are key, with discretion often very much the better part of valour. Hits do serious damage to Basim, which will then impact on what he can do until he is healed (no quick and easy feat). When he does attack, quick guerilla attacks are his best bet.
And Basim might not be powerful or well-trained, but he is exceptionally fast – and this shows in the parkour elements of the game. Basim is aided in hiding from enemies by some tools, like the corner swing, and he can, when he gets the timing right, pull off a multi-kill move - but he must get it right or be prepared to run away!

Importantly, the game actually takes place a century before the Assassins Creed is inaugurated. The fortress of Alamut is being built – very slowly – and only when it is completed will the Hidden Ones step out of the shadows and become the Assassins.

The Nitty Gritty

An inspiring cast of characters in the game come together to shape Basim's destiny – and all of them may be more than they seem. This game returns to the series' roots, with a renewed focus on linear storytelling and stealth gameplay and a little less on the role-playing game features.

The game map of Baghdad is a relatively small world but Basim has a large arsenal of weapons and tools at his disposal, including the signature Assassin Hidden Blade, smoke bombs, throwing knives and poison darts – all weapons designed for cunning and stealth over an outright show of power.
Basim’s weapons and tools can be upgraded through a skill tree, which allows you to tweak the weapons to suit yourself. Basim has an eagle companion – but in this game, enemy archers can target his bird, so be wary of using Eagle Vision too much when there are a lot of enemies about.

A new mystical power called Assassin Focus allows Basim to essentially slow time down enough to attack multiple targets at once. At first he will only be able to take out two enemy characters, but, like all his other skills, Basim’s focus can be upgraded and grown until he can take out quite a few enemies all at once.
Basim also frequently comes across stashes of handy vaulting poles which aid him in leaping across almost impossible distances, from roof to roof. The animations are fluid and smooth, feeling satisfying realistic and powerful. As well as going over buildings, Basim can also enter into them, exploring places and finding useful treasures. He will also complete missions as he travels around the city, helping the Hidden Ones to reestablish their presence in the city.

The game will take about 20 – 30 hours to play through: 20 if you rush to complete the game, 30 if you open all the doors and thoroughly explore, ticking off all the little missions and byways along the way.

A Bit About Baghdad

Baghdad in the game features four main districts – but also look out for glimpses of Alamut, the mountain fortress of the Hidden Ones – it is based on a real place, a castle built in 840AD. The four districts are:

  • Round City: the original city of Baghdad, and currently (and in the game) the centre of town. It might also be called ‘The Old City’ but for the perfectly circular boundary.
  • Karkh: Outside the confines of the Round City, this part of town held the markets, where strangers and locals alike could come to sell their wares.
  • Abbasiyah: Adjacent to the Round City, this area contains the House of Wisdom, an immense academy, library and centre of learning.
  • Harbiyah: The northern district of Baghdad, this area was where slavers, thugs and general villains eked out a living as best – or worst – they could!